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Blow Dryers

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CROC Compact 5000 Blow Dryer
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The Compact 5000 Blow Dryer comes with all of the benefits of a professional CROC dryer.  With amazing heat and power, this dryer is perfect for creating beautiful, easy styles. This dryer is perfectly balanced, making styling easy. This stylish, easy to store design will save you valuable storage space....
CROC Designer Blow Dryer
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The Designer Blow Dryer is powerfully lightweight. It's dynamic AC motor optimizes air flow, cutting dry time in half. Its built-in ionizer allows you to go back a forth between positive (+) and negative (-) ions which will enhance your styling experience, allowing you to further customize the look of your...
CROC Greenion™ Blow Dryer
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The CROC Greenion Dryer allows you to customize your blows from a smoothing to a volumizing effect. To create lift and volume switch the ionizer to the OFF position. For smoothing and conditioning turn the ionizer to the ON position. Lightweight, with a powerful Hybrid AC motor, this dryer is perfect...
CROC Hybrid Blow Dryer
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Our Hybrid Blow Dryer is a dual function dryer specially designed for all hair types. Built with an ionic generator, this optional feature allows the user to further customize their styling. Turn the ionic generator “on” and allow negative ions to create a conditioning effect on the hair, and to...
CROC Italia Gold Blow Dryer
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Designed in Italy, the Italia professional hair dryer promotes softer hair and less frizz. It's is made of the latest Heat Proof Surface (HPS) technology that is lightweight, versatile and easy to use. In addition, its new Hard Shell Casing Technology (HSC), provides protection of all inner components during accidental...
CROC Premium IC Blow Dryer
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The Premium IC [Intelligent Circuit] blow dryer is a prime example of technological advancement. The sensors that monitor changes in air flow and temperature in the dryer are able to automatically adjust itself to compensate for the use of energy. This makes for a safe, long-lasting air flow that perfectly controls the...
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