IC2 Infrared Blow Dryer

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The Croc Premium IC2 Infrared Blow Dryer [Intelligent Circuitis a prime example of the latest technological advancement. This unique blow dryer features an internal circuit board for accurate heat and airflow regulation, as well as ceramic and tourmaline technologies for an ion-based conditioning treatment. Lightweight and easy to use, the Croc Premium IC2 Blow Dryer is perfect for quick, effortless styling.

More about IC2 Infrared Blow Dryer

  • PATENTED INFRARED TECHNOLOGY - Infrared Seals cuticles and locks in moisture, adds 30% more shine and creates 35% longer lasting looks. Additionally, it detoxifies and sanitizes hair while reducing heat damage.
  • Fully digital 
  • Lightweight [13oz]
  • 1500* Wattage [conserves energy]
  • Negative Ions [continuous flow prevents static and frizz]
  • 16 variable settings (4 temperature settings and 4 speed settings)
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology

5 Year Limited Warranty

** Only works in U.S, Canada, & Mexico **