It has come to our attention that counterfeit products bearing the Turbo Ion, Inc. name and/or CROC logo are being produced within Mexico and Canada. Use caution when purchasing a Turbo Ion, Inc. product from an online or over the counter vendor. In order to avoid accidentally purchasing and/or receiving a counterfeit product bearing the CROC name or logo, our company continues to encourage you to complete your purchases through an authorized vendor endorsed or recommended by us. Counterfeit products are not guaranteed by Turbo Ion, Inc. to be defect-free nor covered by the Turbo Ion, Inc. one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. Regardless of counterfeit or not, any purchases made from an unauthorized vendor or distributor results in forfeit of warranty coverage. Furthermore, Turbo Ion, Inc. bears no responsibility regarding damages ensuing from counterfeit product use. Counterfeit products bearing the CROC name or logo may be poorly constructed externally or internally, cause minor or significant damage to hair and body, and/or function improperly or not at all after a short amount of time. Turbo Ion, Inc. is not responsible for these issues, and cannot assume the costs of repairs or replacement of these products. Please contact our Customer Service Department at or (714) 521-2255 to speak with a representative if you are unsure of an online site or vendor you are considering purchasing from.