Infrared & Technology

Technology Timeline

Technology Timeline

As a pioneer CROC is working relentlessly to stay ahead of the curb. introducing new patented technology to the beauty market everyday. We pride ourselves as the first company in the industry to introduce;

  • Pico rare earth mineral coating and technology
  • 100% digital electrical systems
  • Advanced ventilation technology
  • Centrifuge power fans
  • Blended ceramic heating elements
  • Infrared technology
  • Black titanium coatings
  • Advanced patented designs
  • Flexible numeric display technology (FND)
  • ATR technology (automatic temperature reserve technology)

Infrared Iron

Infrared Technology

We pride ourselves as the first company to introduce infrared technology to the hairstyling industry in 2007, adding the far-infrared beam into our flat irons. There are many benefits of infrared technology;

  • The infrared detoxifies and sanitizes the hair cuticle
  • Reduces heat damage with each pass.
  • increase blood flow and stimulate hair growth.

Pico Infrared Technology

Pico Infrared

Now, we are introducing the next generation of infrared technology - PICO INFRARED. Pico infrared is created by rare bare earth minerals. They generate 18x more infrared radiation when exposed to heat. The Pico infrared beam is conveniently placed at the front of the blow dryer, exposing it to heat to directly radiate the infrared rays into the hair and scalp.