New Technology

10 years ahead of the curb

"Turbo Ion Inc. is always in pursuit of the latest in new innovation and technology. Exclusive access to new technology is only granted to our clients. Currently, we have several new products and technologies awaiting release to the hair care and beauty market. These products have been tested, patented, trademarked and approved for use. Turbo Ion Inc. continues to design next generation tools to support clients in staying ahead of the competition. Furthermore, Turbo Ion is consistently researching and developing new designs and new technology securing its position as a pioneer in the hair tool industry. CROC’s sophisticated research and development team consists of exceptionally qualified scientists and engineers who work around the clock to produce game changing products and technology for the hair and beauty industry.

In fashion, as in technology, creative innovation is the key to success. That is why all CROC CROC also offers a more nourishing and natural approach to hair care. hair while remaining effective and powerful.
We have designed the best tools ... just because you deserve the better tools.

Most conventional hair tool companies try to do tools that look good and sell fast. The h CROC tools are designed for stylists looking to showcase their professional talent. For this reason, our team of engineers and designers aim not to settle for nothing less than the most ergonomic, reliable and high-quality quality products.
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CROC tools are designed to work as hard as you do, while maintaining your excellence.

We only use the best, m