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Turbo Ion is always in pursuit of the latest in new innovation and technology. Exclusive access to new technology is only granted to our clients. Currently, we have several new products and technologies awaiting release to the hair care and beauty market. These products have been tested, patented, trademarked and approved for use.Turbo Ion Inc. continues to design next generation tools to support clients in staying ahead of the competition. Furthermore, Turbo Ion is consistently researching and developing new designs and new technology securing its position as a pioneer in the hair tool industry. CROC’s sophisticated research and development team consists of exceptionally qualified scientists and engineers who work around the clock to produce game changing products and technology for the hair and beauty industry.

Founded in Southern California in 2005, Turbo Ion has perfected the art of manufacturing in the beauty industry. Turbo Ion's team of engineers and scientists utilize existing and new technology from other industries, to successfully implement them into hair appliances. Creativity and the spirit of challenge has made Turbo Ion the leader in designing and manufacturing cutting edge technology for the beauty industry. Turbo Ion is committed to go over and beyond in service to our clients; striving to provide the very best products, technology, quality control and most importantly, client satisfaction. Our devotion to outstanding quality and our ability to quickly adapt to market changes has ensured Turbo Ion's continued growth and reputation globally.

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