Tools of The Professionals

Tools of the Professionals


Founded in 2005, Mr. Tae J park, Pioneered the world’s first crocodile shaped Flat Iron and has not stopped innovating since. “My biggest weakness is my ultimate strength, which is my keen attention to details. Everything is in the details”. Founder & President, Tae J Park.

We have set the standard for stylish appliances designed for professionals, a true innovator in technology and creative engineering for the hair care and beauty industry. Turbo Ion/Croc USA has developed and patented breakthrough technology that increases the smoothing power of hair straightening irons by 300% (via triple-plate technology) and provides 200% faster heat recovery over state-of-the-art products. In addition, being known for pioneering some of the industries most game changing technology such as; ergonomically designed hair appliances, Infrared technology in a flat iron, appliance ventilation technology,  the Green-Ion Permanent Styling System and the first to offer all digital based hair dryers/flat irons.

 Sketch or an Iron 

Based as a technology company, Turbo Ion required a channel to bring out some of the worlds most advanced products and technology. To do so, we created the CROC brand which carried a line of products known to professional as one of the industry’s top brands within USA, Canada and MEXICO. The brand is designed to carry all the latest in technology developed by Turbo Ion and is 100% wholly owned by Turbo Ion. CROC is currently found in thousands of stores and salons across North America and 37 other countries; however, CROC has not even scratched the surface in terms of growth. The strong demand for our products continues to grow and is primarily driven by CROC’s reputation. Professionals and stylists internationally recognize CROC as a high-end reliable signature brand. This recognition has resulted in strong annual sales growth and has created an insatiable demand by consumers that has organically grown with limited marketing. T.J. Park, Founder and President - As the visionary and founder of CROC, single handedly started the company with a small budget and has grown the company organically to a multimillion-dollar entity.

We have perfected the technology to create the world's best hair tools, our tools are available for you now! ENJOY!


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