Croc 2k2 INFRARED Hair Dryer
Croc 2k2 Hair Dryer
Croc 2k2 Hair Dryer Brushless Motor 2k2
2K2 Infrared Dryer
Croc 2k2 Hair Dryer


2K2 Infrared Dryer

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Made for professionals, the Tu'kay 2 blow dryer provides strong wind at 77 mph velocity with its aircraft styled motor. The Brush-Free DC Motor creates a healthier environment by eliminating the Carbon Dust. The BLDC motor extends the lifespan of the blow dryer. Stylists will benefit from accurate temperature control which reduces heat damage as well as effective motor performance and longevity. 

  • PATENTED INFRARED TECHNOLOGY - Infrared Seals cuticles and locks in moisture, adds 30% more shine and creates 35% longer lasting looks. Additionally, it detoxifies and sanitizes hair while reducing heat damage
  • Powerful 1,500 Watts (110V - 120V)
  • 77 mph Velocity
  • Lightweight 13 oz
  • 16 variable settings (4 temperature settings, 3 speed settings, & an Infrared Setting)
  • Heat-Proof Nozzle
  • 'Cold' Cool-Shot Button
  • BLDC Motor
  • Extended Lifespan (Motor)
  • Noise Level 59 dB

12 Year Limited Warranty

** Only works in U.S, Canada, & Mexico **

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10 year ahead of the curve! We pride ourselves as the first company to introduce Infrared Technology, Ergonomic Design and Black Titanium plates to the hair tools market.


We are often asked about our technology! What is infrared and how does it benefit your hair?

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