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Warranty and Replacement Process CROC® Hair Professional


Your CROC products are guaranteed to be free of any manufactured defects or defects in workmanship, for 1 full year from the point of purchase. WE offer 5 year limited warranty (the first year is unlimited). 

At the moment we are not offering Repair Services, but we are offering discounted replacement options:
**$50 for all full size tools except Tu'kay dryers** Plus shipping fees
**$70 for Tu'Kay Blow Dryer**  Plus shipping fees
If you are under the one year full warranty, we will replace your item with a new flat iron/blow dryer.
In order for your submitted product to be considered covered by Turbo Ion, Inc.’s 5- Year Limited Warranty, products must be registered or you must include a valid copy of the original purchase receipt indicating the product was purchased from an authorized vendor.

Our warranty does not cover any physical damage caused misuse and mishandling by the user. Normal wear and tear, wrapping cord around the iron, dropping unit, product build-up or scratches on the plates, broken housing, loose plates, using wrong voltage, unauthorized modification, tampering or attachments to the unit, and neglect in safety, regular maintenance, and improper usage and removal of any labeling or serial number of the CROC products will void all warranty claims.

Items that have been dropped or items that have been damaged due to user negligence, and items purchased on EBAY, AMAZON (except for The only 4 authorized Amazon re-sellers

  • My Beauty Town
  • Commerce Control (Formerly known as T.F. Distribution)
  • CROC USA Hair Tools
  • My Beauty Kings
  • Commerce Control

. MISIKKO.COM, WALMART.com, SLEEKHAIR.COM, OVERSTOCK.COM, BEAUTYBASICSUPPLY.COM, JET.COM or other unauthorized internet retailers, will not be honored under the CROC warranty.

You must fill out your original warranty card completely and include a copy of your original sales receipt then send it to our service center. If a warranty card is received without all the information fields completed, your warranty is void. Your warranty protects your CROC product to be free of defects in workmanship and manufactured defects. Proper completion of the warranty card process is mandatory for full warranty benefits. In order to submit a warranty claim, register your product

In the event that you experience a problem with your CROC unit due to a manufactured defect and you are within the 1 year warranty period, you may send your iron back to our facility for a replacement.

*Please see RETURNS/REPLACEMENTS PROCESS for more information.


At the moment we don't offer repair services but we offer discounted replacement options (a replacement item is  $50 + shipping "2k dryer" is $70 + shipping)

If a product is: (1.) no longer covered under Turbo Ion, Inc.’s one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty or (2.) purchased from an unauthorized vendor and considered void of warranty, the customer shall be responsible for any and all  repair/replacement fees.

Products covered under the one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty period will be repaired or replaced free of charge if they are found to be covered by the warranty’s terms. (Please see our Warranty Policy to fully understand warranty limitations.)

In order for your submitted product to be considered covered by Turbo Ion, Inc.’s one (1) year warranty, you must include a valid copy of the original purchase receipt indicating the product was purchased from an authorized vendor, along with a purchase date of no greater than three hundred and sixty five (365) days prior to the date of your submission. 

All product are subject to the standard return shipping and handling fees charged to all Turbo Ion, Inc. customers. To cover the cost of shipping and handling, you may pay over the phone by credit card or through an online link. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept personal checks, international personal checks, international money orders, cash or other forms of payment, except as specifically stated in this disclosure, for shipping and handling fees.

Please pay close attention to all of the following information in order to have your product processed and replaced to you as quickly and smoothly as possible:


Click on the link below and print the form to include with your return: 


Replacements should be sent to the following address ONLY:


CROC/Turbo Ion, Inc.

Attn: Replacements

6800 8th Street

Buena Park, CA 90620


If you are not able to print the Replacement Form, you must include along with your product a letter containing your name, address, phone number, a detailed note to the technicians describing the issue you are having with your product, and (if possible) a copy of your original receipt.

Please be advised, if we contact you and unfortunately do not hear back from you within 30 days, your unit(s) will be recycled and all options available to you will cease to exist.

Please allow a window of 14 days for our technicians to examine and process your defective or returned tool

CROC/Turbo Ion, Inc. is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen while in transit. CROC/Turbo Ion, Inc. is also not responsible for additional shipping costs for items sent to an incorrect address, items not claimed within a timely matter (as deemed by the shipping company) by the recipient, or items that fail to arrive at our facility at no fault of CROC/Turbo Ion.

Please be advised. Turbo Ion Inc. is not responsible for any excess shipping fees which occur as a result of inaccurate information provided to us by the consumer.

* Please note that customers are responsible for shipping fees both ways, we don't issue shipping labels or pay for shipping fees.


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